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Dominion Seaside

| April 4th 2016 | 
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I finally caved and bought my first Dominion expansion, we have a fair amount of different deckbuilders between our group members so I always put my money towards new games instead. Recently there has been a bit of a dispute about whether or not we should be learning and buying more new games or building on the games we already enjoy. I have had the chance to play Seaside a lot lately since we burnt out of all the other deckbuidlers which happens quite often we just gravitate back to Dominion.

What does Seaside bring to your Dominion experience?

I am going to be reviewing the other expansions over the next while so in order to keep them all in context I will be reviewing Seaside and how it mixes with only the Base Dominion game.

Duration Cards:

The first thing you are going to notice are the orange cards. These are 'duration' cards, the terminology is appropriate as they will give an effect as well as an additional lasting effect that takes place on your next turn.

How do they impact the gameplay?

They work really awesome with some of the base game cards and make it easier to string combos together. They can also help ensure that you will have an extra action on every turn so you don't have any wasted cards.

I personally have a bit of a problem with the way some of the cards work with Throne Room, they seem pretty game breaking for me. The Treasure Map for one and the Tactician for the other. If you manage to pull off one of these before anyone else does or even worse before anyone else realizes how powerful the combos are

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