Family and Kids Games

These games can be enjoyed by the whole family (with some help). These games are easy to learn, develop critical skills and are 'family friendly' (no violence or adult themes).

Ghost Blitz - This is one of my favourite game to play with kids because they will often win, something about not having as much to worry about lets them react quicker like super powers I swear. It's also a good game that kids can enjoy by themselves although you might have to referee a fisticuffs if two happen to grab a piece at the same time.

Escape - Escape is always a hit with kids and families because there are no turns, the game is cooperative so you are all working together and playing at the same time. You must escape the cursed temple, this makes for a pretty cool theme although it definitely gets cooler as you add the expansions, then you really start to feel like Indianapolis Jones.

Carcassone - This is one that you can play with your kids and not be bored yourself, the rules are simple enough, depending on the age of the childlings it might take a few plays to 'get' the strategy. Most importantly. Carcassone teaches essential mechanics for continuing into the world of board games, not to say that you have to play Carcassonne but it will certainly make learning new games easier.

Eco Fluxx - Mostly luck based but fast, fun, and exciting. Because of the way 'fluxx' games are played there are always multiple climaxes and almost victories, having a version that is themed around the ecosystem makes this a rather cute family appropriate version of Fluxx.

Pirate Fluxx - Similar to above but where Eco Fluxx is cute, Pirate Fluxx is hilarious and cuthroat. (not really but there is a tiny bit more player interaction) Easy rules, still majorly luck based however with the new type of card added in Pirate Fluxx there is a greater strategy component.

Cover Your Assets - First player to 1 million dollars is the winner. That usually takes 2-4 rounds of Cover Your Assets each lasting 10-20 minutes. During the game you will play pairs of 'Asset' cards to gain money but be careful because whatever assets you have that are not covered are vulnerable, as you acquire more assets you stack them on top of your old ones to protect them from thieves!

Kalimambo - Monkeys, Rhinos, Poop and Explorers. Need I say more? The theme is cool but the artwork is cooler, the gameplay is simpler but has a couple quirks that are tricky at first. Playing Kalimambo helps build and develop math skills, only being allowed to play each of your cards once makes timing is critical.
Rondo - Rondo also helps build math skills, while not as much as Kalimambo, Rondo takes a more visual approach. Teaching players to become more tactical and literally see the numbers, at first glance you might think you can only score 5 points but when you finally see another option that can quickly double. Deciding whether to draw more discs or play is a tough decision sometimes and when you start to really use the upside down chip rule Rondo becomes a tactical masterpiece.

Cockroach Poker - Despite the word poker in the title there is no gambling involved, in fact the only thing that this game has in common with poker is bluffing. Teaching kids to read expressions can be very important and is often overlooked in our 'digital' world where facial expressions and body language are often hidden behind text. The artwork is fun and playing is always a hoot especially when a card is passed around 3 or 4 times before someone guesses what it is.
Cheating Moth - Although most games have a strict no cheating policy this one does not. When I was younger I remember jokingly hiding cards up my sleeve or in my pocket it was silly and fun, Cheating Moth requires you to cheat, you have to use secretly 'hide' your moth cards while trying to not get caught by the guard bug. Lots of gross creatures with funny artwork, Cheating Moth is a great game to play with kids and is fun when playing with seniors as well.
Augustus:  - Not only is the theme fun but the mechanics are awesome for parents playing with kids. Set collection and simultaneous gameplay and it doesn't overstay its welcome, read the review to see why its so superb for families..or just take my word.

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