Dexterity Games

These games all contain dexterity components. Some of them focus on the dexterity mechanics while others require planning and strategy. There are a wide variety of games that fit in this category and although they are often not the first gaming choice, I think that most of them deserve more play than they get.

Escape: The Cursed Temple - You have a strict time limit to keep while trying to escape or you will be trapped forever. The dexterity comes in to play because there are no turns and you never stop talking or rolling dice.

Safranito - In Safranito you have to 'toss' chips onto the board, these chips allow you to buy or sell product as well as determine who gets access to a good or service first. Depending on which chip you throw you also determine the price, oh and the best part is you can knock other players' chips away using your own.

Ghost Blitz - 5 wooden items are placed around your game table, a card is flipped and players must race to snag the matching, or not matching game piece. That doesn't make sense, well it does, the cards will always be one of two types and the card's picture will determine which object you try to grab.

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