Games for 5 or more

This page is dedicated to games that not only support 5 or more players, but work well with 5 or more players.

Mogel Motte - The Cheating Moth is a fast paced filler game where you are required to cheat in order to win.

Kaker Laken Poker - Cockroach Poker is my all time favourite bluffing game, its fast to play and there is no winner only 1 loser.

The Resistance - Pure epicness, The Resistance focuses on deduction, manipulation and bluffing, trick your friends and sabotage their plans in this abstract "social" game.

Ghost Blitz - Race to grab the appropriate objects in this game of dexterity and quick thinking.

Cover Your Assets - Players try to be the first to amass 1 million dollars, you do this by pairing your own assets or stealing opponent's assets. An interesting spin on a couple standard playing card games.

Rex: Rex is definitely towards the heaviest end of the spectrum, play time taking between 2 and 3 hours. There are seemingly infinite strategies in Rex, you will choose between 1 of 6 races each with variable powers and fight for control of a continent sized city, Mecatol Rex. This is a game where you end up "playing your opponents" more than the actual game, lots of backstabbing, negotiation, bluffing, bidding, combat and backstabbing.

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