Light Games

Light Games you might play with your girlfriend, people new to the hobby or maybe your group just needs a night off from 2 1/2 hour long board games. These games are not overly complex but are not super fast games. These games often include a high luck factor, how I would differ them from Filler Games is by the amount of rules, these games you may be able to pick up without a rules explanation, but you will definitely need some clarifications/detailed explanations about certain rules. Filler games you can usually learn just from watching and rules questions can be answered in 1 sentence.

Escape Curse of the Temple - Game time lasts only 10 minutes, its cooperative which is usually a hit amogst light games. Escape is fun and exciting, you are rolling your dice as fast as you can and trying to match up the symbols with the symbols on the other players' dice so that you and your friends can escape alive.

Safranito - Surprisingly addictive, who knew tossing little discs could be so much fun. It takes a couple games to really get the hang of it, but practicing / learning the game is fun too. Safranito is a game that doesn't feel like it has rules you have to learn, instead it feels like you are training for some Olympic sport where the other contestants are your friends that you regularly play board games with. Okay not quite, but this is a game you have to try, just go try it.

Kingdom Builder - Kingdom Builder is a very tactical game, each turn you draw a card, that card tells you the type of territory you must build on, now depending on where the rest of your buildings are this leaves you somewhere around 1 - 3 territories to choose from. The game almost feels like it runs out of pieces too fast, rules are very simple and being game of the year, a large number of gamers already know how to play so finding opponents should never be a problem.

Wilderness - Your worst nightmare is true, all those scary horror movies you have's happening to you, you wake up in the middle of no where with nothing and...the nearby village will only save the first person to get there! In Wilderness you must fight the elements, wildlife and other naked people for survival, there is a very unique way of tracking weather, random direction movement such as getting lost or wandering animals and Wilderness gets players who are a little card text shy to lighten up, each card either powers up your abilities on your turn or dampers your opponents.

Through the Desert - Who will have the longest caravans, players take turns placing one or two camels of the same or different colours and they have to connect to that caravan's camel driver. Through the Desert is all about placement, you must build routes between oasis's, to watering holes and use your caravan to section off areas of the desert in order to block your opponents route, these are how you will score points in Through the Desert.

Chrononauts - Playing sort of reminds me of fluxx but with a tiny bit more strategy, they have some pretty funny objects that you have to collect while traveling through space and the timeline is a real accurate representation of history which is pretty cool. You have two ways to win either change the course of history or collect 3 secret objects.

The Resistance - Not for everyone, somewhere between role playing and a party game the Resistance brings an exciting take on the way games were meant to be played. By offering no real "rules" for any of the discussions the Resistance forces players to not only think outside of the box but also play outside of it.

Cover Your Assets - Need a game you can play with your Grandma and your nephew at the same time? Cover Your Assets is not only easy enough that it can be played by anyone but it also appeals to pretty close to everyone. By combining a couple standard playing card games and adding twists, Cover Your Assets maintains its simple ruleset while allowing for cutthroat player interaction and a fun theme, recommended for anyone regardless of sex/age/background/anything.

Kalimambo - Need a quick filler game that is visually appealing? Want to improve your math skills, want to have fun with younger kids, or maybe with a few drinks. The very basics of counting cards, what at first seems like a game that can play itself and is entirely luck based becomes more interesting if you play it with all grown adults, read your opponent's faces and time when to play your cards, I have seen people win with incredibly low scores that I never thought were possible when I was first introduced to Kalimambo.

Rondo - I have never felt so strongly that a board game needed an ap. Rondo is addicting, simple, tactical and "fun". What is fun about it? Playing it, placing chips, having the option to hoard and place any number at a time, place decoy chips to work as bridges but give you no points, its fun to see what other players could have done with their chips and turns whip by so fast you really need to think on your feet and a couple turns ahead.

Cockroach Poker - Although it represent actual poker in any way, Cockroach Poker plays around a key bluffing mechanic and requires players to disguise their bug cards as other bug cards in order to trick their opponents into keeping bug permanently. Once a player has 4 of any kind of bug they will lose the game of cockroach poker.

Cheating Moth - A light filler card game where you are required to 'cheat' there are of course rules to cheating such as not cheating when someone is in the process of being caught cheating, you will need to bring your A game and fool opponents by bluffing and  with sleight of hand.

Augustus:  - Simultaneous game play definitely keeps things light and generally quicker. Since there is virtually no set up time and the play time is quick you will have no problem getting Augustus out as a warm up, filler or wind down the night game.