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The purpose of this page is to showcase my written articles that are not reviews of board games. In addition you can find a few links off my blog to other gaming resources.

Written Articles

Hosting a Games Nights Part 1

Hosting Games Night Part 2

Guide to Teaching Board Games - Five Steps

Online Board Gaming: Pros and Cons

Gaming Resources

Here is a great post that describes the differences between CCGs and LCGs.

Do you need help transporting or storing games, specifically ones with finicky lids or in tins, try these: Four Way Rubber Box Bands

Want to get in on active discussion about board games, meet some new people that share similar interests? Visit and get involved in an awesome community of fellow hobbyists.

If you stumbled onto my blog and have no idea about board games and wanted to be directed to the largest site for database, news, discussion and pictures go to

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