Sunday, 6 January 2013

Eco Fluxx

Eco Fluxx is a quick to play filler game. How you play is in the cards, they let you add or change existing rules,  change the objective of the game and help you complete that objective. Eco Fluxx is always changing the 'goal' can change at any minute and one players game winning cards can become complete junk in one play. If at any point a player completes the current 'goal' then he/she immediately wins (unless someone plays a card that stops him/her from winning).

Game Start:

You begin the game with only the 'Basic Rules' card in play and 3 cards in each player's hand. The basic rules force each player to draw 1 card and play 1 card but this can change on any player's turn as there are a lot of new rules that can be drawn.

Components: Eco Fluxx is entirely card based and I would definitely recommend sleeving them so none get ruined, they can be a pain to pick up off some surfaces without sleeves. There is some pretty cool artwork in Eco-Fluxx if you are a fan of animals. Eco Fluxx also brings creepers that stop ALL players from winning instead of just the person who draws them, this way someone in your group doesn't get sewered and draw a creeper every game.

Card Types:

New Rules: Rules cards act the same as rules from a rule book, all players must obey unless a card says otherwise. There are lots of different rules but there can only be one of each type in play for example if the current rule is draw 1 card and you play a card that says draw 3, you would then pick up 2 more cards since you already drew 1 this turn you would not draw an additional 3 plus the 1 card, the original rule is replaced. Hand limit cards do not force you to discard down to that number until the END of your turn.

Keepers: These are your bread and butter they are how you complete the goal and win the game. Keepers can be stolen, traded and destroyed by another player's action card and a rules card might limit the number you can possess.

Goals: Goals make up your objective, the problem is there can only be one goal and any player can change it on their turn. This makes it hard to really make a plan, but thats not to say fluxx is all luck its just about timing and when to play your keepers/goals.

Creepers: These work like keepers in the sense that you keep them in front of you, the difference is they stop you from winning instead of helping you win. Eco Fluxx adds an interesting twist from other Fluxx games, the creepers actually stop all players from winning while they are in play.

Actions: These cards spice up your game with all sorts of different actions from drawing new cards to stealing keepers to mixing up and redistributing all the keepers on the table. Action cards are what make Fluxx more interesting.

Who would enjoy Eco Fluxx?

Family Gamers: All the rules are on the cards and they are pretty easy to follow, but being a card game it is a little text heavy. The Eco theme is very family friendly and I think this version of Fluxx could be a great hit with a lot of families.

Casual Gamers: Eco Fluxx takes roughly 15-25 minutes to play. Because it is a card game every game is different and Eco Fluxx costs less than 20$ all these elements combined make for one great filler game. If you ever go to games nights you know that at least a couple solid quick easy filler games are a must, Eco Fluxx can easily be that game for you and your group.

Pets: Cats are especially fond of Eco Fluxx and should be kept far away or given a hand to play or else...

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