Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ghost Blitz

Ghost Blitz is a fast paced dexterity and brain game. The game play is incredibly simple...when you read it. When you actually play Ghost Blitz you may end up boggled at how a simple task like matching can be challenging when under the pressure of trying to not only decipher which piece to grab and then grab it before anyone else does.

Turns take mere seconds, a card is flipped over from the deck and all players quickly analyze it. You are looking for one of two things and both result in you racing to grab a game piece before other players.

Situation A:
An object on the card is the same colour as its corresponding game piece. You must grab the matching piece before your opponents.
The red couch matches the red couch on the card.

Situation B:
All objects on the card are miscoloured. You must now grab the game piece that is unrepresented on the card both in shape and colour.
No object is properly represented so you have to find the
object that is not represented in either shape or colour.

This all seems like a simple mundane task and how can this possibly make a game some might say. But flipping back and forth between matching and finding the missing object can get quite intense.

Who would enjoy Ghost Blitz?

Family/Kids Gamers: Ghost Blitz is great because its a game that Kids can play on their own without any adult help, its language neutral and its definitely beneficial for your brain. Ghost Blitz also shines because it is a game that parents can play with kids and don't have to hold back, its amazing how fast an uncluttered mind can work out the cards.

 Casual Gamers: Burnt out from a long day? From a 3 hour strategy game? Or just want something to play before you get into your 'real gaming'. Ghost Blitz can do all these for you, surprisingly it helps get people in the mood to play board games despite its kid friendly design by creating competition between everyone playing, you have to get the piece before your opponents. For a such a small cost Ghost Blitz is a game mostly everyone should have in their collection.

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