Thursday, 14 March 2013

Todd where have you been!

| April 4th 2016 |
Thanks for checking out my blog. I have a new, much better looking version of this website here:

I know I know it's been over a week since I posted any meaty content, I apologize, Life happened. My camera is in getting cleaned and I have been busy apartment hunting which I wish I could say was going better. I have a couple games reviewed just no pictures to go with them and I don't like using other peoples pictures, so hopefully this weekend I can find some time.

If you didn't catch the first part of my games night guide you can check it out here. There will be another part that will help you make your games night unique coming down the pipeline, as well as more similar guides to things like: Online Board Gaming, Board Game Storage etc.

Anyways I am just really busy, but I am here and I will try to get some "stuff" done to share with everyone, maybe even some apartments I've looked at.

Thanks for your patience.

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