Monday, 13 May 2013

Page Updates

It came to my realization today that my pages were a little out of date so I did some updating.

Light Games

Mid-Heavy Games

I added the rest of the games that fit these categories but haven't written descriptions yet. In the future all of the pages will look like these ones:

Worker Placement Games

Games for 5 or More

I added descriptions that basically tell you why the game fits the page it is on, certain games fit multiple categories so this becomes especially important.

I am looking for more blogs to feature on my Gaming Tools page, if you have unique content that fits send me an email and I will add your blog! If you missed it, you can find the second half of my Guide to Hosting a Games Night where I go into details about how to make your games night more memorable / awesome and I included 4 very different very delicious no mess snacks you can eat while you game!

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