Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Board Game Barker Big Update!

| April 4th 2016 |
Thanks for checking out my blog. I have a new, much better looking version of my blog here:


As we near the end of August I thought it would be important to wrap up where the Board Game Barker is standing and what the plans are for the next short while. I know most of you won't have noticed the recent changes since the Board Game Barker hasn't even existed a year yet so I will bring them to light.

More updates to pages like Family and Kids Gaming eventually all my reviews will be added to these pages, I tried to not make the descriptions generic and to quickly sum up why it belongs in that page without you needing to read the review.

I started a Pinterest and haven't done a lot with it. It will mostly be a place for more of my other interests which I hope to some day combine with this blog, some reading, watching and eating and drinking suggestions mostly. You can check out here for some no mess snacks perfect for board games.

Most importantly to me I have added a Live Chat feature at the bottom right hand corner of the website. I will be online and available to offer suggestions/recommendations, help, advice, clarification about board games or if you just want to talk and discuss your favourite board games feel free I don't get to talk enough about our hobby. Click Talk to Todd to to me.

If you are looking for more structured discussions and other advice / opinions about games go to they are an awesome community and if you have a bgg account I emplore you to check it out alot of detail and thought go into the discussion topics and you can always get a game recommended fast and some that you've probably never heard of. Great people, great topics.

Thanks for reading.


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