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Marusenko Puzzle Sphere

| April 4th 2016 | 
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A few days ago I was walking through the mall and saw someone twisting and turning a multicoloured ball at one of those "stalls" that sits between stores right where you want to be walking. I wouldn't have paid any attention except the traffic all but halted and he must have saw me looking because he came right up to me. I was told this is a Marusenko Puzzle Sphere, its similar to a Rubik's cube except that it is more fun and gives more options for brain teasing / puzzle solving, also there are 5 different levels of difficulty.

In certain situations I have a hard time saying no, like when you call to order a pizza and they tell you that you can add 2 lbs of wings for $4.99. This was one of those situations, had he not let me hold it and play with it I never would have bought it, but seeing as my only experience with a Rubik's cube was peeling off the stickers and replacing them so it looked like I was a genius...I decided to give this sphere a shot.

First time solving it probably took me close to 2 hours of not really thinking about it just turning twisting more just breaking in my sphere than anything. The demo sphere twisted much nicer than mine. It wasn't until it was completed that I kinda said oh I guess I can actually do this thing. Slowly, I practiced and actually was able to think about what I was doing in a problem solving way.

When would you ever have time for something like this?
Well, I get the most play from mine when I am playing League of Legends and waiting for the long load screens, so park it near your tv, car (if you're not driving) my point is, everyone has some time they can set aside to play with a Marusenko Sphere.

Why would you ever want to spend your time on something like this?
Well, this is a really simple question to answer, not only is it fun as something to keep your hands busy, it trains your brain. Improves your problem solving skills and I am sure there is more it does for your brain development, but I'm not a brainologist.

Physical Properties
Not only are the spheres very visually attractive, they come in a wide range of colours / patterns and 5 different difficulties. Marusenko Spheres are also made out of 100% recycled materials which is sweet and they are solid, dropped it several times and it only broke once, even then it snapped back together with no issues. Just like I mentioned you kinda need to work them in so they rotate smoothly.

Sure there are other ways to train your brain..they just don't seem as fun as a puzzle sphere


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